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Gaddesby have been fortunate enough to work alongside some wonderful colleagues from within STEP and further afield on this year’s SSIF reading project led by Affinity TSA. The focus of the project is to continue to improve reading within the schools with teachers having access to an SLE and a wide variety of CPD opportunities.

As a cluster group, we unanimously decided that the teaching of vocabulary would be our focus – do the children truly understand the meaning of the words that they are reading? At the beginning of the year, we had the pleasure of receiving talk for writing training. At Gaddesby, we have focused on embedding vocabulary teaching into our English lessons and through reading and therefore, Talk for Writing has been an invaluable tool.

We have also received some inspirational training from Rob Smith at the Literacy Shed. Our teaching staff are incredibly enthusiastic about using a range of media when teaching reading skills! We have also had input from Rose Payne who has explored different ways of representing new vocabulary to pupils. It’s been a busy start to the year and we all can’t wait to truly embed this into our daily practise.

By Leanne Simms – SSIF project lead at Gaddesby

If you would like to find out more about the great work taking place through the SSIF projects please contact Kirstie Randle, TSA Lead.

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