Support services

At STEP we know how important it is that schools work together and that this peer-to-peer approach can improve outcomes for children in all our schools and is an effective way of ensuring that no child and no school gets left behind. Our StSS team utilize the strength and talents of school leaders, who with credibility and a wealth of experience can provide valuable school improvement support.

School Appraisal Meetings (SAMs)

Our SAMs have been developed in consultation with Headteachers to ensure that we provide a robust and supportive structure to assist school improvement at all levels. The SAM consists of a half a day visit to review schools data and priorities alongside another Headteacher (NLEs and LLEs) from STEP. The school receives a comprehensive report based on the data and discussions taken place throughout the visit highlighting areas for development where appropriate.

Peer Reviews

Peer reviews involve two senior leaders visiting the school and following a line of enquiry which is agreed prior to the visit with the Headteacher. In addition to that, we aim to take a snap shot of the quality of teaching and learning, quality of marking and feedback. We support the Headteacher in identifying things that are working well and those that require development.

Pupil Premium Reviews

The full and formal review follows the structure detailed in the Teaching Schools Councils Guide to Effective Pupil Premium Reviews (February 2018). The process will involve reviewing the schools pupil premium strategy, analysis of data, interviews with key stakeholders and work scrutiny.

Bespoke Support

We have an ever expanding team of highly skilled and motivated teaching professionals that can provide support in a range of key areas from subject specific development through to leadership and school improvement. If schools require specialist support in a specific area we can work with you to put together a bespoke package to help meet your needs.

For further details or to discuss your school to school support needs please contact Kirstie Randle at

STEP Teaching School Alliance