Vicki Lester

SLE Details

School: Eastfield Primary School

Current role: Assistant Head Teacher/ English Leader

Number of years you have been teaching: 17

Designated specialism: English

Outreach support available

  • Support with SATS procedures and administration
  • Applying for extra time and evidence
  • Preparing for SATs in year 6
  • Support with the teaching of grammar
  • Moderation and assessment in writing
  • Support with assessment for learning
  • Creating an action plan to target areas of development
  • Designing plans for teaching through class novels


Currently teaching year 6 pupils, I have been employed at Eastfield Primary School since 2001. My time at Eastfield, working with challenging pupils and a successful, motivated leadership team, has given me a wealth of experience and the opportunity to develop my skills into a highly effective, classroom practitioner and Assistant Head Teacher.

Throughout my time at Eastfield, I have taught in all year groups from year 1 to year 6. I have a great deal of experience teaching year 6 pupils and preparing for the end of KS2 tests, including intervention and secondary transfer. For the year 6 intervention programme, I created a year-long scheme with a particular focus on guided reading, which resulted in excellent reading results, surpassing all expectations and the National Average. As a consequence, I have vast experience of the procedure of SATs, the application process for extra time and considerations and the administration thereof. I have supported several teachers with this process as part of my SLE role.

Furthermore, I have led English at Eastfield for many years and have implemented whole-school initiatives to improve teaching and learning across this subject. I have contributed to SDPs, SEFs and analysed data. I have a particular interest in the teaching of grammar and have led training for teachers, TAs and nursery staff to improve standards and pedagogy throughout the school.

Relevant experience in specialism

Through my role as an SLE, I have delivered sessions for teachers in other schools and within my own, including the facilitation of writing moderation and leading a Network Meeting for the English Leaders from the surrounding areas. Furthermore, I have supported colleagues in another school to improve pedagogy and assessment; changing the marking and assessment for learning structure. I worked closely with the Acting Head Teacher of this school and regularly reported back to the CEO of the trust.

This year, I have led a project on transition from KS2 to KS3. I have worked with colleagues in secondary schools and created a maths project to aid the transition; as well as working on strategies within my own class to increase their preparation and organisation, supporting them for their readiness to learn at the next phase. This will be sent out to teachers within the trust with children attending the feeder secondary schools next year.

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