Tom Rowley

SLE Details

School: Broomfield Primary

Current role: Assistant head teacher, English lead

Number of years you have been teaching: 13

Designated specialism: English.

Outreach support available

My SLE work to date has involved supporting schools through good practise visits, lesson planning, observations and delivering INSET. I have also led the Year 4 and 5 STEP writing moderations. Areas I can support with include reading culture, inference and book talk, grammar subject knowledge and whole school approaches to grammar and talk for writing.


I have over 12 years of teaching and leadership experience. Having spent the majority of my career teaching at Eastfield Primary and am now in my fourth year at Broomfield Primary. I am an experienced TLR holder for whole school English and have been a member of SLT member in both schools I have worked in. I am currently Assistant Headteacher at Broomfield. I am an experienced UKS2 teacher, predominantly teaching in Years 4 and 5. I am proficient at using target tracker at a class teacher and leadership level; and use the data regularly to conduct pupil progress meetings in school.

Relevant experience in specialism

I am an SLE specialising in English, in particular reading comprehension in Key Stage 2. I have a wealth of knowledge on inference, book talk and children’s understanding of text and can confidently demonstrate ways in which this can be embedded across a whole school. I also has a passion for talk for writing and am currently implementing this fully within my own school. I have been fortunate to be part of one of the SSIF projects which focused a lot of time researching vocabulary and how this can be explicitly taught to children.

STEP Teaching School Alliance