Sophie Lapworth

SLE Details

School: The Merton Primary School

Current role: Assistant Headteacher, English & Assessment Lead, YR6 Teacher Upper, KS2 Lead

Number of years you have been teaching: 10 years

Designated specialism: Maths Year 6

Outreach support available

Preparing for SATs

Coaching & Mentoring

Improving outcomes in Maths & English


I am a passionate and experienced teacher who enjoys the challenge that teaching brings. During my career, I have worked in upper key stage 2 with the majority being in a year 6 class. I am therefore experienced at preparing children for SATs, planning intervention and secondary transfer.

I have worked at two schools and have been on the leadership team in both. At my previous school I led Mathematics across the whole school. During this time I also took part in a research trip to Finland looking at the maths delivery there.

I have also completed the Maths Specialist course (MaST) which had a significantly positive impact on my delivery of the mathematics curriculum.

At my current school I am one of three Assistant Headteachers and I lead the Upper Key Stage 2 team. I am responsible for assessment and am the key stage 2 English coordinator.  I enjoy working with colleagues and I am confident implementing change and initiatives.

Relevant experience in specialism

I have supported many new Maths coordinators with monitoring and evaluation and helping to improve their own confidence with leading the subject. As an SLE, I have worked alongside Year 6 teachers ensuring that they are confident in delivering high quality revision programmes, using afl to inform planning/teaching and competent in analysing data.  My experience within my SLE role has often been in delivering INSET which has covered a range of aspects such as: preparing for the maths SATs papers, using manipulatives when teaching mathematics and preparing for an Ofsted visit designed for RQTs.

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