Oliver Mayhew

SLE Details

School: Church Hill Infant School

Current role: Maths Leader

Number of years you have been teaching: 7 years

Designated specialism: Maths (KS1)

Outreach support available

I have delivered staff meetings on the following areas;

  • Mastery Maths
  • Target Tracker
  • Non number units of work in Maths
  • Maths in EYFS


I have been teaching for 7 years and have worked at my current school Church Hill Infants for 6 of those years. I have experience working across KS1 and have also spent some time working with EYFS. Although maths wasn’t my favourite subject at school since being given the chance to lead it I have found a whole new passion in teaching it.
As a maths coordinator I also enjoy leading staff and supporting them with their teaching. Since taking on a TLR in the previous academic year I have enjoyed looking at data and analysing it alongside my fellow middle leaders and SLT.
As well as teaching maths I also love teaching computing. This was a subject I have previously lead. I also have a passion for teaching geography and teaching children about the world. This has come from my passion to travel and explore new places during my school holidays.

Relevant experience in specialism

I spent a year embedding mastery maths across KS1. I spent time working alongside teachers and support staff to ensure that this approach for happening consistently across the school as well as being able to support staff who needed any extra guidance.
Last year I took on a TLR to introduce Target Tracker throughout the school. I ran staff meetings and drop in sessions to train staff up on how to use it as well as working alongside SLT to analysis whole school data.

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