Manisha Sudera

SLE Details

School: Church Hill C of E Junior School

Current role: Assistant Headteacher

Number of years you have been teaching: 8 years

Designated specialism: Assessment / Curriculum / Maths Pupil Premium Reviewer Trained by Ashmount Primary School

Outreach support available

Assessment- As above

Maths – As above

Particular work in making maths active through use of games to improve fluency.

Curriculum – As above

Pupil Premium Reviewer – As above

Although not an SLE for school improvement, much of my work in the last 4 years has been surrounding developing systems for school improvement and quality assurance. This is a strength of mine.


My teaching career began 8 years ago with my leadership journey starting only 2 years into this. I have been a member of the SLT for the last 6 years, across 2 different schools, in which time I have been an ICT co-ordinator, leader of Maths, UKS2 leader and now Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for teaching & learning, assessment, behaviour & attendance, line management of staff, pupil premium and much more.

A key motivator for my participation in system leadership is the desire and care I have to ensure excellence and equality of opportunity across education. I am extremely passionate in my view that all schools should be successful in providing pupils with the opportunities to achieve their potential and beyond. As a teacher and leader, I feel I have a responsibility outside of my classroom, and school, to commit to the development of education. Through collaboration, my vision is to reduce the gaps between achievements in different schools – driving consistency in high expectations.

I have a successful history in driving school improvement which is evidenced through two excellent Ofsted’s (both reports noting my developments) and always delivering strong KS2 outcomes since my appointments.

Relevant experience in specialism


  • Creation and introduction of a new assessment system and process. Ofsted 2016, ‘The excellent leadership of assessment has provided a very strong foundation for the recent improvements in teaching and learning’ ‘Highly effective leadership of assessment has helped to ensure that teachers plan tasks matched to the needs of different ability groups. The new electronic system for tracking pupils’ progress is very well used. Consequently, leaders, including governors, know which groups of pupils are on track for their end of year targets and which pupils are at risk of falling behind and need additional help’
  • STEP Y6 Writing Moderation. Accurate assessment of writing.
  • Took part in external moderation for KS2 Writing. Accurate assessment of writing- no adjustments made.
  • SLE deployment in Dec 2017- KS2 progress.
  • Worked on Target Tracker User Board.
  • Speaker at DLAT conference- sharing good practice.
  • The organisation and running of KS2 SATs


  • Leadership of Maths for 5 years across 2 different schools. Improved SATs results.
  • Ofsted 2016 ‘Mathematics leadership is very strong and is successfully improving teaching across all year groups.’
  • STEP Algebra Twilight.
  • Sharing of the times table stick across schools in Lincolnshire and Leicestershire. Improved KS2 data and internal school data for fluency.
  • Launch of times table challenge.
  • Maths leadership coaching within school. 2 successful colleagues have gone on to find leadership.


  • Revamp of new curriculum at previous school. ‘Skill based curriculum’.

Pupil Premium Reviewer- Training only

  • Launched new PP systems and procedures in school. Shared with other schools. Ofsted 2016 ‘The leader with the responsibility for pupil premium funding manages this area with great rigour. The funds are carefully targeted to meet pupils’ different needs, including the needs of most-able pupils. As a result of this work, disadvantaged pupils are making good or better progress and achieving higher standards.’
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