Clare Bettles

SLE Details

School: Bradgate Education Partnership

Current role: Lead Practitioner

Number of years you have been teaching: 20 years

Designated specialism: Leadership of Curriculum

Outreach support available

  • Staff development through coaching model.
  • Moderation of standards in Reading, Writing and Maths.
  • Improving pupil outcomes.
  • Primary English.
  • NQT and RQT mentoring and support.


As well as, more recently, working within the various senior leadership roles, I have experience teaching across all year groups. In all of these positions I have worked hard to develop teams who have frequently felt unsure or lacked confidence in their day-to-day roles. I have helped staff to overcome their individual areas of need and with support, motivation and guidance, made them feel valued and increased their performance and levels of morale.

I came into the profession to make a positive impact on children’s learning, increase their desire to learn and enable them to become the best lifelong learners they can be. Throughout my career I have enjoyed working with many colleagues in order to develop best practice and improve outcomes for all pupils. I believe that schools should be exciting places, where children and staff are equally valued, encouraged and supported to be the best they can be.

Relevant experience in specialism

I currently hold the position of Lead Practitioner, with responsibility for supporting teaching, learning and assessment. Within this role I play a fundamental part in the strategic planning of staff development, mentoring and coaching and the effective implementation of primary curriculum across a range of education settings.

Previously, I was seconded, in a Head of School capacity, into an underperforming primary school. This was rapidly improved to Good and had a positive impact upon a whole range of issues but most noticeably the quality of teaching and learning through coaching and developing teachers’ classroom practice.

Whilst working within another large Multi Academy Trust as a Lead Practitioner I was responsible for Trust-wide improvements in teaching and learning initiatives. I worked in under-performing schools successfully coaching and mentoring teachers and middle leaders. I also led trust-wide strategic priorities, including the development and management of trust-wide monitoring and moderation of primary curriculum standards. I was also involved in the development of assessment, quality assurance and curriculum across a number of settings. I developed and delivered a wide range of CPD – both across the Trust via the learning alliance (internal teaching school) and within school settings. I successfully co-developed and supported a programme of support for NQTs and RQTs across this large Trust.

Within this role I was part of a central team which saw year on year improvements across the primary estate of around 10% across Reading, Writing and Maths per annum.

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