Ali Steiner

SLE Details

School: Ratby Primary School

Current role: Year 6 Teacher; Maths Subject leader; Upper KS2 leader.

Number of years you have been teaching: 15 years

Designated specialism: Maths Year 6

Outreach support available

Year 6 support: Preparing for SATs

Maths support: Maths Mastery


I have worked in primary education for the past 15 years, after graduating from De Montfort University with a BEd in primary education in 2004.

During my career, I have taught in many different year groups; however, most of my career has been spent in Year 6. I have worked hard preparing my pupils for SATS and the transition to High School. I have developed and adapted my style of teaching and learning in light of the 2014 curriculum. In addition, I worked closely with a group of network colleagues to develop an assessment system that was sold to other schools.

Maths is my area of expertise and my passion. I have completed the Maths Specialist 2 year course at Nottingham University (MaST) and also the NCETM training modules. I have delivered training and offered school to school support for maths. I was a lead maths teacher for Leicestershire County Council for many years and enjoyed working with schools developing the teaching and assessment of maths.

Relevant experience in specialism

I have worked closely with a maths subject leader supporting them with efficient monitoring and evaluation approaches. This had a huge impact on the tracking systems in place, the progress of pupils falling behind and the confidence levels of the maths subject lead.

Inset: Problem solving – planning for challenge Maths mastery

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