Local projects

Readiness for School

STEP has been involved in an exciting ‘school readiness’ project funded through LEEP at Leicestershire County Council. The project has been a great platform for bringing together early years professionals to explore what ‘school readiness’ means and develop a shared understanding of how we can support children with the transition from preschool to school.
There have been some great outcomes as a result of the project including:

  • An inspirational project launch with Shonette Bason busting some ‘disco dough’ moves.
  • Preschools and nurseries have been able to access free phonics training.
  • A handy guide on ‘getting ready for starting school’ which will be given out to all parents/carers to help them prepare for starting school in the autumn.
  • Foundation stage drop-in sessions for preschool/nursery staff to see the classroom in action.

Closing the Gap – EYFS

This project was funded by Leicestershire Excellence in Education Partnership (LEEP) and was a collaborative approach (with six TSAs in Leicestershire) in Closing the Gap. As an alliance we made the decision to focus our project on EYFS and early intervention. Kirstie Randle, EYFS SLE was the project lead who worked with 8 schools across the alliance.

For more information about this project and to access case studies and resources from all TSAs involved please visit the Leicestershire TSA website https://www.leicestershiretsa.co.uk/programmes/closing-the-gap

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